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Adventure Cycling on the Nut Point Hiking Trail
Saskatchewan's Lac La Ronge Provincial Park awaits

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An exhilarating and challenging cycling adventure can be found on the Nut Point Hiking Trail located in northern Saskatchewan's Lac La Ronge Provincial Park. This 15 kilometre trail meanders through the woodlands, rocky ridges, boreal forest, and muskeg. The trail runs along the peninsula that ends at Nut Point. Local wildlife includes bear, deer, moose, elk and beaver.

Lac La Ronge Provincial Park is the largest of Saskatchewan's provincial parks. There are six campgrounds and a hundred lakes. The Churchill River also runs through the area. The park's serviced campsites have access to hydro, telephones, water, showers and laundry facilities. Beaches, playgrounds and picnic areas are nearby. Boat, canoe, paddleboat and mountain bike rentals are also available.

As you head out on the trail, you will climb a rock ridge and then cycle over a boardwalk, which protects the muskeg underneath. You will pass through mossy woods, over another rock ridge to a cairn, which marks the beginning of the trail. Throughout the trip, you will take your mountain bike up rock ridges, down into low, wet areas and rumble over boardwalks that protect sensitive areas. You will pass through black spruce and mixed forest along the way.

After about 5 km you will find a cove with a beaver lodge. Waburton Island is also visible from here. Halfway through the trail you will reach Nut Portage. Between kilometres 9 and 10 there are low areas where water can flow onto the trail. Your efforts here are rewarded a kilometer later with a small sand beach where you can enjoy a swim. After the beach, there are two more beaver lodges and an old pole wharf. Near kilometer 13, a rocky ridge allows for a nice view of Nut Bay and Soutar Island, then, shortly after, you will find area where you will be able to get water from the shoreline. The next part of the trail can often be flooded by rainwater. As you near the end of the trail, you pass white spruce, twisted jack pines and a large rock left from the glaciers. Nut Point, at the end of the trail, has a stone fireplace, campsites and a spot to swim.

You may interior camp on the trail but because of the rustic nature of the area, you must boil or purify lake water. Camping areas that are close to water are marked on the trail map. You may also camp at unmarked locations anywhere along the trail except near privately leased land or cabins. Ensure that you practice Leave-No-Trace principles and make your campsite away from the trail. This will also give you some privacy.

Bears are common in the area so pick up the "Bears and You" pamphlet before you start your trip. You also will need a good insect repellent. If plan to bike through you should be prepared for an unscheduled overnight stay, bring food, water, a tire repair kit and a first aid kit. Nut Point Portage is a great place to top up your supplies and get any last minute items you may have forgotten.

When we think of Saskatchewan, we often envision flat expanses of prairie but Nut Point is a rugged and interesting trail and its many twists and turns make for an enjoyable trip.

For more information about Lac La Ronge Provincial Park please visit the Government of Saskatchewan's Tourism website.

Written by Brad Wipperman
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