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the founders of OAC  

Laurie Ann March
is the founder, head cook and bottle washer at Outdoor Adventure Canada and she really does do a little bit of everything around here. Not only does she own Outdoor Adventure Press, the company that publishes OAC, she is our editor, photographer, graphic designer, and resident talk-a-holic. Laurie Ann is also a professional writer. She is happily married to Bryan and they have two children, a 12-year-old boy and a 3-year old little girl. Seeing nature through her children's eyes is one of her greatest rewards and her children remind her how special camping trips were in her own childhood. She shared those first outdoor experiences with her big brother, Bruce, who backpacked and hiked all over Canada throughout his life. Her relationship with her big brother instilled a deep respect for nature and love of the outdoors in her—a passion that has gone far beyond hobby.

Laurie Ann is an avid backpacker, canoeist, trail runner, cyclist, bikepacker and wilderness cook. She is the author of two backcountry cookbooks and an instructor of workshops in which she teaches the special skills needed to prepare food for wilderness excursions. Laurie is currently getting ready to publish her third cookbook; this time with a base/car camping theme. She has written for Outdoor Adventure Canada, Family Camping & CanoeRoots, Seattle Backpackers Magazine, the Ottawa Canoe Club, Fort McMurray News (Outdoors Supplement), GetOut!, and the Washington Trails Association. Her recipes have appeared in several publications including Backpacker Magazine, Outside, and WestJet's in-flight magazine, Up!.

Laurie is WildlyCooking on Twitter.

Bryan March a technical service engineer in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, making him the perfect guy for gear testing. He has a keen eye for noticing potential problems that could occur with gear. Bryan is great at putting a product through its rigors. He has been a die-hard camper and outdoorsman since the tender age of eight and now he is passing this love of the wilds onto his two children. Bryan has done everything from survivalist type camping to the more glamorous campground affairs. His favorite activities are backpacking, canoeing, trail running, adventure cycling, bikepacking, fishing (not catching), and buying new gear.

Ah, what else can we tell you about Bryan? He's our tester of all things made to shield one from the rain. His unbelievable tarp skills and propensity for rain really should earn the man an award. If only, there was a trophy for the most creative use of a tarp! As a photographer, he has a deep interest in wildlife and the night sky (when the rain has stopped long enough for him to see it). After a long history of car camping, canoeing and hiking, Bryan took his outdoor adventures one-step further, with a backpack. We figure he married Laurie Ann because of her great wilderness cooking skills. After all, eating is a great way to warm up after a day of hiking or paddling in the cold rain.

Of course, there are several others who are part of the OAC team and they include writers, gear testers, and our advertising team.

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Photo of Laurie March about to fall while snowshoeing, by Shelley Lauzon
Photo of Bryan March with his cough-dog-cough, Thomson, by Laurie March

masthead photo courtesy
Bryan March




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