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The humble beginnings of a Canadian e-zine
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Starting Outdoor Adventure Canada wasn't without its ups and down. In December 2000, Bryan and I came up with the concept to develop an online magazine (e-zine) for outdoor adventurers—one that wasn't too hardcore. We had taken to backpacking and canoeing as a cost-effective way to vacation and found that there was a need for a website like OAC. We wanted to create something accessible that reflected the wonderful array of outdoor adventure opportunities in Canada.

We worked on designing a graphically rich e-zine and with the support of other outdoorsy types, got it ready to launch. The original site became public in April 2001. Less than two months later, our home and business in Guelph, Ontario, burned to the ground in an electrical fire. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the blaze but it was a major setback for us emotionally and for my business which oversees the creation of OAC.

Like the proverbial phoenix rising out of the ashes, we rebuilt our lives, settled into a new home, and rebuilt the business from the ground up. Bryan and I decided, because of our narrow escape from the fire, that life was too short to waste and we embraced backpacking and canoeing moreso than ever before. It went from a hobby to a way of life. A passion. And Outdoor Adventure Canada was a big part of that.

In 2007, we moved operations to beautiful Brant County, Ontario, along the picturesque Grand River. I set out, with valuable input from our team and our readers, to redesign the look of OAC to mark our 10th anniversary.

The trail to success was a long winding and rugged one but here we are, a decade later, with one of Canada's most popular outdoor publications. We still love backpacking, canoeing, day hiking and camping. We have met some wonderful folks through annual gatherings and had the pleasure of connecting with some inspiring individuals. I hope that the passion we have for the outdoors comes through in the new design and that you enjoy reading OAC as much as we do writing it.

Who knows what the next ten years will bring? One thing I do know… it will be an adventure, it always is.

Laurie March - Outdoor Adventure Press   

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