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True and Deep
Songs for the Heart of the Paddler

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This isn't exactly outdoor fun... but it is something fun related to the outdoors.

A friend posted a YouTube video on Facebook called Camp Coffee by Jerry Vandiver. I was instantly charmed and felt the urge to get back out into the wilds. I decided I'd like to hear the rest of the album.

When the disc arrived I played it several times to get a good feel for it. The eighth track was very familiar to me as it is on one of the Canoesongs albums that gets a lot of play in our Jeep enroute to our canoe trips. The song, Under the Same Sky, was written by Vandiver and sung by Cindy Church. It is one of my all-time favorite canoeing songs. It was nice to have it on this album too.

Too Tired to Start a Fire is the romantic comedy of the lot and it makes me smile every time I hear it. It's about a couple who have paddled all day, set up camp, and the woman suggests they start a fire. The man goes and gathers everything that he needs although he is very tired because he's that kind of sweet guy. However, that wasn't quite what she meant.

This is a must-have compilation of tunes to listen to while you are pouring over your maps or in the kitchen prepping your backcountry meals to put on the dehydrator. We listen to it while we are packing the gear and even some Saturday mornings while we are relaxing at home over a cup of coffee.

Here is the video that originally piqued my interest in True and Deep.

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Written by Laurie March
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