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The Ruff Wear Roamer™ and Flat Out™ Leashes
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When it comes to enjoying the outdoors with my dog two factors come into play: Safety and Comfort. While testing Ruff Wear's Roamer™ and Flat Out™ leashes I found they both were terrific products.

Both the Roamer™ and the Flat Out™ can be used as hand-held or waist-worn leashes, or if needed as a fixed leashes for clipping around a tree or post. The latter is ideal should you ever need to make a quick "pitstop" out on the trails. The slide release buckle on both allows for easy adjustment for the padded handle and will go from a comfortable hand held size to fit a 42" waist. Each style is equipped with Ruffwear's exclusive Talon Clip™, which is strong, secure, light weight and easily maneuvered with one hand for ease-ability when clipping to your dog's collar. They also have a traffic handle for close control.

Here is how they are different:

The Roamer™ is made with sturdy tubular nylon webbing and equipped with a dynamic elastic core that is capable of expanding an additional 3 to 4.5 feet giving your dog just that little bit of extra room to move all the while keeping you in control. The Roamer™ comes in two length sizes, small (length when resting 5.5', length when extended 8.5', width 0.75") and large (length when resting 6.5', length when extended 11', width 1").

The Flat Out™ is made of a strong static webbing which is 6 feet in length and does not allow any extra moving around like the Roamer™ does.

Our canine gear tester was eager to test both leashes. The Roamer™ was more suitable for faster paced activities such as running because it allows space between us, without the leash being too long and dragging on the ground, and allows the pet to run comfortably (a smidgen) ahead of me if need be.

Using the Flat Out™ for hiking and walking around the city works best for with this particular Labrador Retriever because it offers the added security of keeping him right beside me. Being a Mom, I found having the ability to walk the dog hands-free is important because there is always a little hand that needs holding.

Ruff Wear's Roamer™ leash and Flat Out™ leash both offer safety and security when taking your dog on outdoor adventures.

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Laurie March




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